Cluster Member of Apparel Dcotra Manufacturing Units


Since we are Knit garment manufacturer, we can offer you direct factory price. You will still get the same kind of high quality products at a very attractive price. We do all here for our customers to grow their business there.

Concept l Creativity l Quality. These are our core values which are nurtured in our daily activities. We develop & interpret trends creatively. We care about the service and products we offer and ensure all quality standards are met continuously. Our customers can count on us. And we do all for our customers' sustainable growth.

Main idea and details

As an organization, Dignity Fashion realizes its responsibility towards its people: our employees. Our company understands how the business practices impact our employees and we work to serve in their best interests.

  • Dignity is a family owned business which started in 2017.
  • We are transparent in our work process.We are continuously developing expertise.
  • Trustworthy and sustainable knit garment manufacturer and exporter of Bangladesh
  • Consistently meeting & exceeding customer demands of quality products & services.
Our Commitment and Spirit

Having the right people in right place supporting our customers with product as well as local know-how is the result of carefully developing our corporate culture. Our commitment to serve the best every day is the result of passion. We elevate ourselves with continuous learning and an open, respectful spirit.

Our Products

A few of many items within our expertise are: circular knitted: t-shirt, polo shirt, tank top, ladies blouse, fleece, polar fleece, trouser, hoodie, palazo, gown, leggins, shorts etc.

Our Owesome Support

Highly experienced professionals covered by superb advisor team on top. Well ogranised departments to serve most competitive price, product re-engineering, shorter lead time, one stop service for multiple products, access to product and market intelligence.

Our Process

Dignity Fashion is committed to continuously improve all its business processes: ranging from purchasing raw materials to transporting final finished goods. We give a strong emphasis on eliminating non-value-added activities while delivering quality products on time with the least effect on the environment and greater efficiency.

Beyond our standard manufacturing operation we solve difficulties faced by importers in sourcing high quality apparel. With our expertise and proficiency, we offer quality in product and services to our customers. We export and supply a wide range of knit items. We efficiently manage all aspects of : product range, quality of the products, production capacity, facilities, financial capability, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and the overall quality policy.

Inauguration Date

21 Jan 2017


310 in operation

Production Capacity

180,000 pcs/month average
Women 40%, Men 30%, Kids 30%

Machine Types

Single Needle, Double Needle, Overlock, Interlock, Kansai, Feed of the Arm, B/H, B/S, Zigzag, etc.


480 (65% Women, 34% Men, 1% Third Gender)

Total Space

11,200 sft